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  • Big screen demo of Secutray design
  • Phone screen shot of Online Sizing in Merida shop
  • Phone screenshot of CloudRain app
  • Tablet screenshot of Planbote design
  • Tablet screenshot of Talidu app

As product designers we translate business goals into creative solutions with fun user experiences.

Photo of Majid Iqbal

We collaborated with Dinghy on a new type of web application. We jointly mapped user needs and highly strategic concepts into a digital protoype. The team helped us to collect early user feedback to validate our assumptions and deliver a solution that actually surpassed our customers expectations.

Majid Iqbal, Founder of & author of Thinking in Services

Our design services include

  • Design Pilot

    6 days

    Kick-start your project and our partnership. We introduce our processes, sharing insights on our design workflows.

  • Design Boost

    4 weeks

    Enable strategic product decisions with a one-off rapid design iteration improving your existing app.

  • UX Microcopy

    Enhance understanding to increase conversions through sensible interface copywriting and active messaging.

  • Custom Interaction Design

    Provide memorable user experiences through purposely crafted workflows and bespoke micro-interactions.