Discovery Research

Exploration for novel solutions

Illustration visualizing the Discovery Research service offering
Example outcome of this service offering
Example outcome of this service offering
Example outcome of this service offering

What is Discovery Research?

Discovery Research is an exploratory research method to uncover new ideas, understand markets and gain insights.

Validated Insights for

Decisions that Last

Gain Clarity with Discovery Research
  • Competitive advantage

    Insight-driven strategies for market differentiation address user needs effectively, positioning you ahead of competitors.

  • Tailored Features

    Reducing assumptions and improving design accuracy leads to features that deliver significant value to both users and the organization.

  • Optimized Resource Allocation

    Validated designs, focused on essential features, streamline implementation and prevent costly changes during development.

  • Innovation Opportunities

    Uncovers unmet user needs and opportunities for innovative, market-disrupting and relevant features for increased customer retention and loyalty.

Powerful tooling for best results

A selection of methods we apply to deliver individual and on-point discoveries.

  • Usability Tests

    We test your product to understand how users interact with it and see where they strive and struggle.

  • Interviews

    We talk to your customers and users to understand why they act the way they do and what their motivations are.

  • Field Studies

    We document product usage in real-life situations to gain insights into environmental influence on the experience.

  • Desk Research

    Gathering information from prior research to understand the problem space and uncover themes and trends.

Common Questions

Exploring their product’s problem spaces our clients often encounter some of these questions:

  1. What do my users want?

    Uncover user needs and preferences, understand their behavior.

  2. What to expect from the future?

    Identify emerging trends and user behaviors, helping predict future market directions.

  3. How to prioritize feature development?

    Get data-driven insights on user priorities, guiding feature prioritization effectively.

  4. What are my product opportunities?

    Find gaps in the market and user pain points, highlighting new product opportunities.

3 Weeks of Insightful Discoveries

  1. Week 1

    1. Kick-off Meeting
    2. Participants Recruiting
  2. Week 2

    1. Desk Research
    2. Interviews
    3. Field Studies
    4. User Tests
  3. Week 3

    1. Analysis
    2. Presentation

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