A story about the Dinghy

About us

We never wanted to be a company

None of us were cut out for the corporate ladder so naturally we went freelance and enjoyed all the perks. 😎 🏝 Working together as a group with complementary skill-sets, we tried to emulate a company with a network of individuals but eventually hit a glass ceiling.

Not ready to let go of our respective freelance freedoms we searched for a fitting company model and created an entity that was flexible enough for our precious independence. 😤

To our own surprise, just a few months later, we replaced full flexibility with structure and accountability. We became a real company.

Photo of Daniel, Nils and Adam with a Banner saying "Finally a crew"

Loose shit ain’t working for us. 🤓 💼

Distance brought us closer together

Imagine what everyone being in different places does to accountability and shared goals. We do appreciate the office; not as a physical space but for the hidden layers of human interaction and serendipity. We found ways to bring these qualities into hyperspace. 👨‍🚀 Suddenly everybody embraced the all-day all-hands meeting and a whole bunch of standard operating procedures.

We don’t bet on creativity

The creative genius is a myth. Sure, it takes time to explore and wonder. But it’s hard to consistently create reliable results from creative chaos. 🥵 We take the scenic route, fall into rabbit holes but remind each other to get to the destination in time.

This does not happen automatically though. It requires to kick each others butts every day to evolve our innovation methods. It can be a drag, but surprisingly it works every single time.

Compromising ideas

The complexity of even simple ideas is almost always underestimated. Finding intuitive solutions for end users requires wrangling sophisticated constraints and trade-offs upfront. While this is tedious and unnerving we happen to love it! 🥰

There’s no shortcut to a great solution. Especially for those of you already sense it we’re here to reliably boil down ideas towards successful implementation.