UX Audit

Prioritize product improvements

Illustration visualizing the UX Audit service offering
Example outcome of this service offering
Example outcome of this service offering
Example outcome of this service offering
Example outcome of this service offering
Example outcome of this service offering

What is UX Audit?

A UX Audit uncovers challenges to your users in your digital product and outlines actionable steps to improve the UX.

Immediate & Long-Term Measures to

Elevate User Experiences

Immediate Results
  • Get Ahead of the Competition

    Coherent brand and experience will distinguish your product from your competitors.

  • Reduce Customer Support Costs

    Self-explanatory interfaces reduce support requests and increase engagement.

  • Make Your Users Love Your Product

    Happy users increase retention and are the best advertisement for your product.

  • Data-Driven Prioritization

    Remove roadblocks to great user experience, unblocking your users as well as your team.

UX Insights

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

  • Content Strategy

    Is your content easily discoverable by your users?

    Do they understand the language you use?

  • User Experience

    Does the user always have a clear path forward to reach their goal?

    Are they having a good experience?

  • Design

    Can users easily distinguish elements in your app or website?

    Is the product attractive to use?

  • Interaction

    Can users interact with your app or website easily and without friction?

    Is entering of data seamless?

  • Implementation

    Is your product accessible to everyone?

    Can users input data through forms without any obstructions?

Product Design Uncertainties

Product design frequently surfaces edge-cases and previously unknown requirements. Questions product managers and owners have often evolve around user experience:

  1. How can we improve our app ratings?

    Stuck users will voice their frustration through ratings. Offering obvious solutions even in edge cases is important.

  2. How can we reduce support requests?

    Customer support is hard to scale which is why it’s important to give users the tools they need to help themselves.

  3. How can we increase retention?

    Learning new things is tedious which is why best practices are important for users to find their way when using digital interfaces.

  4. Why are users not using our new feature?

    Getting the most commonly used features right is important to align user needs with business goals.

Fast Turnaround for Your Product

  1. Just 1 Week

    1. Kick-off Meeting
    2. Exploration
    3. Documentation
    4. Analysis
    5. Recommendations
    6. Presentation

We apply an individualized selection of analytical methods from our toolkit to present first results as fast as possible.