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The Dinghy team assembles those unicorns that many tech teams wish for: awesome designers and equally great frontend developers, all in one team.
Silvia Thom

Silvia Thom,

Remote only

dinghy is a distributed team connected to talent from around the globe.

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We commit to deliverlean, neat, appealing, superior, astute, sensible, innovative, visionary, creative, vivid, cunning, snazzyresults.

  • 15+ years experience

    We’re working on the web since the early days
    and know what to look out for.

  • 50+ projects implemented

    We’ve worked with start-ups, SMBs and big corporations and strive to make businesses succeed.

  • We ride the bleeding edge

    UX paradigms and best practices are tricky:
    We can help you distinguish hype from sustainability.

  • Test driven design

    Combining years of experience and pragmatic test driven design, we can help you launch a better product earlier.