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Live-Coding a Fullstack Prototype – Episode 1

Nils Borgböhmer
Nils Borgböhmer

This blog post is a summary of a YouTube video featured above in the header. The video delves into the process of creating a minimalist virtual bookshelf application using React and SuperBase, highlighting the initial steps, challenges, and future directions of the project.


In this video, software engineers Judith and Nils collaborate to prototype a simple virtual bookshelf using React for the frontend and SuperBase for backend functionality. They focus on quick prototyping techniques, setting up a mock data service, and sketching out a detail view for individual book entries. Future episodes promise to explore more advanced features and user feedback.

Introduction and Project Overview

Our aim is to build a basic yet functional virtual bookshelf where users can manage a list of books they've read or plan to read.

Quick Prototyping with React and SuperBase

Our tech stack for this project includes React for the user interface and SuperBase, a backend-as-a-service platform, to handle our database needs without deep diving into backend complexities. This choice allows us to focus on the frontend, where we can quickly iterate and see our changes in real time.

Creating a Books Service and Generating Mock Data

To get started, we set up a simple service in our application to handle book data. Initially, we used mock data to populate our bookshelf. We structured our mock data to include essential details like book title, author, publication year, and a personal rating. This setup helps simulate a realistic environment for our frontend without needing an actual database connection.

Creating a Detail View for Books

Our project includes creating detailed views for each book, allowing users to click on a book and see more detailed information. This part of the interface will be developed to accommodate additional information like a longer description or personal notes about the book.

Future Episodes and Listener Feedback

Looking forward, we plan to refine our UI, connect the frontend to a real SuperBase backend, and explore features like categorizing books or adding personal ratings. We are eager to incorporate viewer feedback into our development process, making our project responsive to user needs and suggestions.


  1. What technologies are used in this project?

    We are using React for the frontend and SuperBase as our backend service, focusing on ease of use and rapid prototyping capabilities.

  2. How can I suggest features or provide feedback?

    Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comments below the video. We appreciate all input and are looking to improve the project with community involvement.

  3. Will there be more detailed tutorials on how to use these technologies?

    Yes, future episodes will delve deeper into both React and SuperBase, providing viewers with detailed guides and best practices for using these technologies in their projects.


Nils Borgböhmer
Nils Borgböhmer

Co-Founder, Head of Interaction Design

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