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Live-Coding a Fullstack Prototype – Episode 4

Nils Borgböhmer
Nils Borgböhmer
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Welcome to this summary blog post for our latest YouTube video on building a full stack prototype for a virtual bookshelf. In this episode, my colleague Judith and I delve into the intricacies of enhancing user experience through form customization, data validation, and error handling.


Our journey begins with fixing the form structure and defining a robust schema. Using React Hook Form and Zod , we ensure seamless validation and data integrity throughout the application. We explore the importance of setting default values to prevent errors and improve usability, setting the stage for a smooth user interaction.

Troubleshooting the Submit Function

As we dive deeper into the submit function, we encounter challenges typical of real-world applications. Consulting Superbase documentation proves instrumental in overcoming errors, ultimately enabling us to successfully implement the create book functionality and validate it by adding entries to the database.

Testing the Create Book Functionality

Testing is crucial in software development, and we share our approach to validating the create book functionality. This includes ensuring data accuracy and functionality across different scenarios, laying a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Next Steps: Edit and Delete Functionality

Looking ahead, our roadmap includes implementing edit and delete functionalities to offer users full control over their virtual bookshelf. We discuss strategies for enhancing the user interface through thoughtful styling, aiming to deliver a visually appealing and intuitive experience.

  1. Why is data validation important in form development?

    Data validation ensures that the information entered by users is accurate and conforms to expected formats, enhancing data integrity and usability.

  2. How does Superbase facilitate database integration in web applications?

    Superbase simplifies database operations by offering a scalable backend infrastructure, making it easy to manage and query data efficiently.

  3. What are the benefits of using React Hook Form and Zod for form validation?

    React Hook Form and Zod provide a streamlined approach to form validation in React, offering performance benefits and a developer-friendly API.


Nils Borgböhmer
Nils Borgböhmer

Co-Founder, Head of Interaction Design

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