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A Business platform to distribute digital mastercards

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Designing a Business platform to distribute digital expense and employee benefit cards

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Project Details

Duration 8 weeks
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Project Lead:
Adam Wallat

Adam Wallat

Co-Founder, Head of User Experience

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CleverCards, a company that specializes in digital employee rewards and recognition programs. CleverCards allows businesses to provide their employees with personalized, digital gift cards and rewards for various achievements or milestones. These digital rewards can be sent and received via a mobile app, making it a convenient way for companies to recognize and incentivize their employees.

Objective & Solution

The challenge was to create a product that made company spending transparent and controllable. We aimed to cut their current tedious bookkeeping process in half by designing and developed an easy-to-use all-in-one interface that allows users to easily manage all their business expenses from one place.

Project Outcomes

  • Reduced customer support

    Customers had access to self-service platform to reduce support requests by 60%

  • Automated digital documentation

    Legal compliance documents were able to be uploaded by the customer

  • Flexible solutions

    Created flexible card payment and incentive delivery solutions

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The new onboarding and the buyer journey within the portal including the payment flow was a good success - thank you for your support in the run up. Your UX work made our lives and more importantly our customers lives way easier!


The following are some of the deliverables that were created for this project.

  1. Deliverable
    Content Strategy

    UX Concept

    Integrated two product portfolios into an online platform for diverse payouts, involving regulatory and technical analysis, user research, and stakeholder roadmaps, including KYC and KYB.

  2. Deliverable
    Content Strategy

    Website Architecture

    Detailed breakdown of the website's sitemap information hierarchy of individual pages. Allocation of all content types and specific themes and topics cross-site navigation.

  3. Content Strategy


    Blueprint for each page which enables all teams to start work in parallel: UI design, copywriting, creating of visual content and web development all know what to do based these schematic

  4. Deliverable
    User Experience

    Interactive Prototype for User Testing

    To validate assumptions made during the concept phase we setup a clickable prototype of the website.

    This prototype was used to run rapid user tests with CFOs and HR practitioners.

    The feedback we received was implemented and helped improved the design user experience drastically..

  5. Deliverable

    UI Design

    Created visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for Clevercards business portal. We focused selecting colors, typography, icons, and arranging elements to provide an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user experience.

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