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Rapid User Testing of Landing Pages for a renowned German Bank

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Leveraging discovery research insights, our agency partner MüllerRitzrow developed two tailored landing pages, later refined through rigorous user testing to meet distinct client needs

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Project Details

Duration 2 weeks
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Project Lead:
Nils Borgböhmer

Nils Borgböhmer

Co-Founder, Head of Interaction Design

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Following an in-depth discovery research phase with banking clients, our design team crafted two specialized landing pages aimed at distinct target audiences. This strategic move was rooted in insights that pinpointed varied needs within our user base. To validate and refine these landing pages, we conducted Rapid User Testing, ensuring the final designs were both user-friendly and .

Objective & Solution

The primary goal was to rigorously test and validate the design of two newly created landing pages. The insights gained from this testing were instrumental in refining the landing pages, ensuring that the final designs were not only based on theoretical research but also on empirical evidence of user satisfaction and performance.

Participant Recruitment Process

Our study engaged with ten participants, all of whom are already customers of said German bank. Recruitment was completed in four days, individuals were selected according to the following criteria:

  • 5 investors with prior experience and 5 newcomer investors
  • Proficiency in German and residing in Germany
  • Aged between 30 to 45 years
  • Existing customers of Volksbank with prior experience in using Volksbank for investment purposes

User Testing

To validate the effectiveness of the two distinct landing pages, a structured user testing was implemented. Participants, selected based on their alignment with the target audience of each page were assigned tasks that mirrored typical user behavior. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as task completion rate, time on page, and conversion actions were measured. Additionally, was collected through post-interaction interviews, focusing on the users' overall experience, clarity of information, and navigational ease. The gathered data was then analyzed to identify patterns, preferences, and areas for improvement, providing a clear direction for refining the landing pages to better meet user needs and enhance the conversion funnel.

Project Outcomes

  • Empirical Validation of Design Choices

    The methodology of user testing provided empirical evidence that informed the optimization of the landing pages, ensuring that design decisions were grounded in actual user behavior and preferences.

  • Improved Information hierarchy

    Adjustments to the page hierarchy, positioning essential information at the top, directly responded to user needs. This change led to users finding relevant information faster, enhancing the overall user experience and efficiency in navigating the landing pages.

  • Authentic Visuals Critical for User Trust

    The use of stock imagery on the landing pages was identified as a barrier to user trust and engagement. Users expressed a preference for genuine, relatable images that accurately represent the services offered, underscoring the need for visuals that resonate with the target audience's expectations and experiences.

Project Deliverables

The following are some of the deliverables that were created for this project.

  1. Deliverable

    Design Refinement Plan

    Content Strategy

    A strategic plan outlining specific design adjustments and optimizations based on user testing feedback, aimed at enhancing user engagement and conversion.

  2. Deliverable

    Findings Pitch Deck

    Content Strategy

    A comprehensive deck summarizing findings on 45 slides, categorized for easy understanding and action planning.

  3. Deliverable

    UX Design Recommendations


    A set of UX design guidelines derived from user feedback, aimed at enhancing the usability and appeal of landing pages.

  4. Deliverable

    Q&A Session

    Content Strategy

    An interactive session addressing stakeholder questions, clarifying the proposed enhancements, and aligning on the project’s objectives and implementation steps.

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