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User-Centric design of Landing Pages for a renowned German bank

  • 1:1 User Interviews
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From Client Voices to Landing Page Choices: A User-First Approach

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Project Details

Duration 2 weeks
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Project Lead:
Nils Borgböhmer

Nils Borgböhmer

Co-Founder, Head of Interaction Design

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The project’s objective was to gain a deeper understanding of users’ requirements and preferences in selecting investment funds.

Objective & Solution

By conducting one-on-one interviews with the bank’s clients, we collected valuable feedback on their investment journey. This feedback informed the user experience design process, leading to a more intuitive and tailored design of the landing pages.

Participant Recruitment Process

Our study engaged with six participants, all of whom are customers of said German bank. Recruitment was completed in four days, individuals were selected according to the following criteria:

- Proficiency in German and residing in Germany - Aged between 30 to 45 years - Existing customers of said bank with prior experience in stock trading

User Interviews

Our study utilized one-on-one interviews as the primary research method. Each session was conducted with existing customers of said bank, focusing on their investment experiences and preferences, the meetings were remote and lasted between 30-45minutes.

The information gathered was carefully analyzed and synthesized into actionable insights. These insights were then shared with key stakeholders and the design team, directly shaping the strategy for designing the landing page.

Project Outcomes

  • Revised Conversion Targets

    Conversion goals were reevaluated and adjusted in light of user insights, enhancing their relevance and achievability.

  • Two distinct target groups

    Identification of two distinct target audiences led to the development of separate landing pages, tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each group.

  • Enhanced User Understanding

    The research provided a clear view of the user’s investment knowledge and preferences, enabling targeted content that educates and engages.

Project Deliverables

The following are some of the deliverables that were created for this project.

  1. Deliverable

    User Interview Analysis

    User Experience

    A comprehensive report summarizing key findings from client interviews, highlighting preferences and investment behaviors.

  2. Deliverable

    Findings Pitch Deck

    Product Strategy

    A comprehensive deck summarizing findings on 45 slides, categorized for easy understanding and action planning.

  3. Deliverable

    UX Design Recommendations


    A set of UX design guidelines derived from user feedback, aimed at enhancing the usability and appeal of landing pages.

  4. Deliverable

    Information Architecture Redesign

    Product Strategy

    Reorganized site structure to align with user expectations and investment journey mapping.

  5. Deliverable

    Q&A Session

    User Experience

    An interactive session addressing stakeholder questions, clarifying the proposed enhancements, and aligning on the project’s objectives and implementation steps.

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