Current Project

Smartfit helps bikers find their perfect ride

Smartfit Online Sizing is a Widget that can be integrated into any e-commerce platform. Based on a customers body measurements, it calculates the ideal bike size and suggests a model available to purchase in the current store.

The Sizing widget started as a proof of concept for Eurobike fair 2018 and is now being used by most major online bike stores in Europe (75% market share in Germany, Austria & Switzerland).

25+ millionsizing API requests
100+shop integrations

We love results!

Since the project launched in August 2018 adoption of the widget in online stores has increased exponentially. Sizing requests to the widgets API are bound to exceed 30 million by the end of 2021.

Today Smartfit Online Sizing has a market share of ~75% in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – plus customers in the rest of Europe and abroad.

Smartfit Online Sizing Dashboard
  • Client
  • Biomechanics
  • Performance Diagnostics
  • Started as B2C then B2B
  • Bike sizing and fitting experts
  • #1 in Europe
  • In-store bike fitting products
  • Innovation
  • Bridge in-store and online
  • Provide professional service to customers
  • First one in the market
  • Easy, fast and precise results
  • Suggest fitting alternatives when sold-out
  • Why we love them
  • Long and trusting relationship
  • Great degree of creative freedom
  • Dares to experiment
  • High traffic
  • Encourages sustainable mobility

The mission

How can we bring our in-store bike fitting knowledge and service to the web?

Smartfit bike fitting expert showing a customer his results
Smartfit bike fitting expert showing a customer his results
Very early doodles
Very early doodles
Our first project briefing 😅 that's all we need!
Our first project briefing 😅 that's all we need!
Detailed customer journey ideas
Detailed customer journey ideas

The delivery

User Experience

  • Definition of user stories & use cases
  • User journey for body size inputs
  • Onboarding and “self help” scenarios
  • Error message ux copy writing
  • Edge case specifications
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Interaction Design

  • Layout for body sizing wizard
  • Interactive prototypes to validate functionality
  • Usability tests with target customers
  • Creation of body visuals to highlight required measurements
  • WCAG 2.1 compliant ui color palette to enable color customization while maintaining accessibility standards
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Frontend Implementation

  • React App
  • Redux state management
  • Lingui.js i18n support
  • Azure DevOps Continuous Integration
  • Cypress End to end test suite
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Screenshot of a code editor
Screenshot of an iphone simulator showing Online Sizing

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