FTI‑Andersch Website re–design

Re-design and re-launch of the Marketing website. From blank canvas to 400+ plus pages of responsive web content. Dinghy developed a user-centric website that is optimized for clear conversion goals, displaying unique visuals and compelling copywriting, in a bright and clear design language. To deliver a seamless and engaging online experience for their clients and visitors.

Mockup of a phone and desktop screen showing the FTI-Andersch website


Andersch was acquired by the consulting giant FTI, their leadership team changed and market opportunities exploded. Acquisition strategies pivoted and the race thought leadership had started.
FTI-Andersch needed a new way of communicating their services and also a brand new look.


Our solution for the international consultancy was to create a user-centric website with well-defined user flows and conversion goals, supported by carefully crafted wireframes, compelling copy text, and visually appealing design, all implemented to deliver a seamless and engaging online experience for their clients and visitors.

Laying down a solid foundation

Wireframing is always key to getting an overview of the project. That was not enough in this case though … to align the different teams on the mission we created a thorough user journey mapping to understand flows through the site, then turned that information into a comprehensive information architecture which ties the site’s structure together with the intent each content block serves.
To complete the blue print, all that information fed into a complete set of wireframes.

Mockup showing wireframes and information architecture

Assembling design and content

Working on design, content and implementation at the time to move fast is not an easy thing.
But in close collaboration with the teams at Hattenberger and Stella Polaris we were able to move forward on all those fronts in parallel, which enabled us to show visible progress to the client every week.

Mockup showing the website's design and a stack of word files

Brand new website built with cutting edge tech

FTI-Andersch’s new website runs on the newest and greatest that web tech has to offer (not kidding, we went all out):

  • for the frontend
  • Sanity CMS for the backend
  • TypeSense realtime search for the whole site
  • Hosted on global CDN for maximum performance
  • Remix Logo
  • Sanity Logo
  • TypeSense
  • Vercel

Screenshot of a Chrome Lighthouse score of 100 across the board

Final result

Overseeing the entire project as project management lead we worked closely together with brand designers at Hattenberger & Partner and copy writers at Stella Polaris to bring this ambitious project to life.

All photography done by Lutz Sternstein and team.

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