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UX Upgrades – Stable Cash Flow through Smart Reminders

  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Design system

UX Design for a Customer–Centric Startup Automating Payment Reminders To Improve Cash Flow Predictability.

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Project Details

Duration 12 weeks
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Project Lead:
Adam Wallat

Adam Wallat

Co-Founder, Head of User Experience

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Defining a UX Strategy and unifying the User Interface design to improve navigation, discoverability and usability of the application.

Objective & Solution

The Veita application offers an audit trail to document and automate communication between companies and their clients around invoices and payment reminders.

We were asked to simplify and consolidate key interfaces and align actions and feedback across multiple features and touchpoints to focus the experience on its key scenarios.

Project Outcomes

  • Focussed experience

    Unifying screen layouts to reduce mental friction and enable faster discoverability of important actions.

  • Customized Workflows

    This new feature allows users to create customized reminders schedules and automate actions to increase the likelihood of on time payment.

  • Customer portal to manage payments

    A new interface allows customers to manage outstanding payments and communicate with the issuing company about payment terms, due dates and causes for delay.

The team helped us to collect early user feedback to validate our assumptions and deliver a solution that actually surpassed our customers expectations.

We collaborated with Dinghy on a new type of web application. We jointly mapped user needs and highly strategic concepts into a digital prototype.

Majid Iqbal
Majid Iqbal Founder of & author of Thinking in Services

Project Deliverables

The following are some of the deliverables that were created for this project.

  1. Deliverable

    Information Architecture

    Content Strategy

    Working with existing layouts and navigation we reverse engineered and improved the Information architecture to present complex features in easy to grasp categories and clusters.

  2. Deliverable

    New Customer Onboarding Timeline

    Content Strategy

    Compiling and sequencing of all parallel and consecutive steps to map touchpoints and highlight core challenges of the user journey.

  3. Deliverable

    User Flows

    User Experience

    Mapping of all interactions and responses that a user is going to encounter during each of the main workflows. Awareness of all required steps and conditions motivates deliberate design choices and highlights frictions and inconsistencies.

  4. Deliverable


    User Experience

    Low fidelity representations of key interfaces to align stakeholders, collect feedback and establish a joint understanding of opportunities and challenges.

  5. Deliverable

    UI Design


    A complex set of features was designed based on a set of core design components. The resulting interface elements where docmented in an extendible and modular design system.

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