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Privacy-aware, GDPR compliant Website Analytics with

Nils Borgböhmer
Nils Borgböhmer

Recently, we at Dinghy completed a major project: rebuilding our agency's website. In this process, we made a significant shift in our approach by choosing, a privacy-first analytics platform based in the EU, over the more commonly used Google Analytics. I had the opportunity to discuss this decision and explore Plausible's features in depth during a conversation with Marko from Plausible .

Our choice was driven by a commitment to privacy and simplicity. Plausible stands out for its lightweight design, ease of use, and focus on privacy, making it an excellent alternative for those concerned with the heavy data collection and complex interfaces associated with Google Analytics. This decision was also influenced by the increasing legal challenges to Google Analytics in several European countries, highlighting the importance of privacy-compliant analytics solutions.

During our conversation, Marko demonstrated how Plausible's dashboard provides all the essential data on one page, without the need to navigate through a maze of menus and submenus. This simplicity does not come at the expense of functionality; Plausible offers detailed insights into web traffic, visitor sources, and conversion rates, all while ensuring user data remains private and secure.

One of the most appealing aspects of Plausible is its ability to function without the usual consent banners required for tracking cookies. This not only aligns with our privacy values but also allows us to capture more accurate analytics data, as it avoids the high opt-out rates commonly seen with consent banners in the EU.

Implementing Plausible was straightforward. Its compatibility with various web development frameworks and the ability to track custom events and conversions easily meant we could gain valuable insights with minimal setup. Additionally, Plausible's flexibility allows it to be used alongside other analytics tools, offering a seamless transition for businesses looking to make the switch.

Plausible also offers convenient reporting features, such as regular updates sent directly to email or integrated into communication platforms like Slack. These reports provide a quick overview of website performance, allowing us to make informed decisions without constant monitoring.

Our discussion with Marko reinforced our belief in the importance of adopting privacy-aware tools in today's digital environment. As we move forward, Plausible will play a crucial role in how we understand and improve our website's user experience, all while respecting our visitors' privacy.


Nils Borgböhmer
Nils Borgböhmer

Co-Founder, Head of Interaction Design

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