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Re-branding a Podcasting Startup

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Brand design and brand assets for VOKL’s new podcast production software on the web.

Client VOKL Logo
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Project Details

Duration 8 Weeks
  • Figma Logo
Project Lead:
Adam Wallat

Adam Wallat

Co-Founder, Head of User Experience

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Objective & Solution

The challenge was to create a brand identity bold enough to stand out yet flexible enough to suit various podcast topics and creator styles. The solution involved a nuanced branding approach, including a dynamic slogan system built upon the word mark and a versatile visual design. This approach allowed the brand to maintain visibility while adapting to different content.

Project Outcomes

  • Launching a new content platform

    A refined logo and dynamic slogan system resonating across diverse audiences and themes.

  • Community-Centric Design

    A design focused on nurturing the podcast community, accommodating cultural shifts and embracing diversity.

  • New Funding Secured

    The re-branding and new UX roadmap facilitated the completion of a funding round.

We collaborated with Dinghy on developing the right product strategy for a new market. We had fascinating discussions based on their thorough understanding of UX, merging with our domain experience. Dinghy's iterative product development process was well thought through and allowed us to elaborate an outcome in a matter of weeks. Very importantly, we also had a blast working with them.


The following are some of the deliverables that were created for this project.

  1. Deliverable

    Audience Personas & User Stories

    Developed detailed personas for creators, guests, and viewers to guide the rebranding approach.

  2. Deliverable

    Vision-Building Workshop

    Established the foundation for a rebranding strategy aligned with personality attributes and competitor analysis.

  3. Deliverable

    Logo Facelift & Media Adaptation

    Refined the logo for consistent representation across various media formats.

  4. Deliverable

    Design System

    Introduced a vibrant, professional color palette for marketing and interface design.

  5. Deliverable

    Campaign & Imagery

    Conceptualized versatile marketing campaigns using dynamic slogans and engaging visuals.

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