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Introducing the UX and Privacy Auditor Tool for Enhanced Web Audit

Nils Borgböhmer
Nils Borgböhmer

Introduction and New Format

Welcome to our latest blog post, a comprehensive summary of our recent YouTube video where we unveil a fresh, exciting approach to our content. Our goal is to provide you with concrete, repeatable insights into our work, focusing on tangible results that you can see and understand right away.


This post delves into the introduction of the UX and Privacy Auditor Tool, aimed at enhancing transparency, legal compliance, visual clarity, and consistent branding across websites. We apply this tool to audit a website, illustrating its functionality and our findings in detail.

Introducing the UX and Privacy Auditor Tool

We're thrilled to introduce the UX and Privacy Auditor Tool, a blend of our expertise in data privacy and user experience. This tool uses a structured questionnaire to assess websites, producing a comprehensive score based on our responses to key UX and privacy considerations.


Our audit of highlighted the site’s compliance with GDPR requirements, featuring clear consent options and transparent cookie policies. This transparency ensures users are well-informed about their privacy options.

Legal Notices

The audit revealed that excels in providing legal notices that are easily understandable, ensuring users are fully aware of the terms of service and privacy policies, which are crucial for legal compliance.

Visual Clarity

The design of guides users intuitively through the site, with visual elements that clearly highlight the most important actions, such as signing up or logging in, enhancing the overall user experience.

Consistent Branding maintains consistent branding throughout its platform, which strengthens user recognition and trust. The consistent use of color and design elements across the site aligns well with the brand’s identity.

Summary and Conclusion

Our exploration of the UX and Privacy Auditor Tool through the audit of demonstrates its effectiveness in evaluating the user experience and privacy aspects of websites. This tool not only identifies compliance with legal standards but also enhances user interaction through visual clarity and consistent branding.

  1. What is the UX and Privacy Auditor Tool?

    The UX and Privacy Auditor Tool is designed to evaluate websites on various aspects including data privacy, user experience, visual clarity, and branding consistency to ensure they meet both user expectations and legal requirements.

  2. How does the UX and Privacy Auditor Tool enhance transparency?

    By systematically assessing how information is presented regarding cookies and privacy policies, the tool ensures that websites offer clear, accessible information, aligning with GDPR requirements for transparency.

  3. Can this tool be used on any website?

    Yes, the UX and Privacy Auditor Tool is versatile and can be adapted to audit any website, focusing on enhancing user experience and ensuring compliance with privacy laws.


Nils Borgböhmer
Nils Borgböhmer

Co-Founder, Head of Interaction Design

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