Project Show Case

Broadband App UX

  • Sensible UX patterns for a signature brand experience
  • Seamless interaction of hardware and software components
  • Intuitive overview of devices and connections in a wifi network
  • Convenient device management and access control for a broadband connection at home
Mockup of smartphones that display the Vodafone broadband app Layout
App Architecture Visualisation
App Architecture Visualisation
Persona, Use Case and User Story development
Persona, Use Case and User Story development
Application of UX Patterns
Application of UX Patterns
Image describing the challenge
Image showing the solution to the challenge
Onboarding Diagram
Onboarding & Device Activation
Network diagram
Visual Overview of all Connectivity Methods
Diagram of Speed Test
Direct Access to speed 
test on Devices view
Mockups of wifi calling feature
Vodafone Wifi Call feature
Diagram on how to share wifi credentials
Sharing Wifi Credentials
Design system overview
Design System 
Mockups with Vodafone apps on it

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