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dinghy is a distributed team connected to talent from around the globe.

Tackle complex challenges with


Continuous research to understand customers and build products with perfect market fit

Our strategy services include

  • UX Audit

    A comprehensive assessment of the customer journeys through the main use cases of a product or service.

  • Opportunity Sprint

    Discover customer intents to surface opportunities for improved business and product outcomes.

  • Growth Experiments

    Implement research driven design experiments to improve user experience and increase conversions.

  • Research Loops

    Integrate continuous research to validate product features, remove pitfalls and decrease drop-off rates.

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Solve the right problems

Product design involves estimating trade-offs and solving a variety of challenges with unknown outcomes. Concerting efforts to focus on problems worth solving is key for successful products.

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Sketches on Whiteboard

Build viable solutions

Features come at a cost. Viable products need to strip edge cases to hit the feasible intersection of manageable complexity, implementation overhead and customer needs.

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Software Information Architecture Diagram
Information Architecture

Meet customer needs

Product value originates in user interactions. Making these effective, novel and rewarding calls for constant analysis and flexibility to adjust features, roadmaps and trajectories.

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Product Optimization Roadmap