Smartfit Onlinesizing

Concept, Design and Implementation of embedded bike size finder.

Devices Mockup with a decorative bike


The challenge was in fact pretty straight forward: Customers order the wrong size when purchasing a bicycle online.
That means unhappy customers and expensive return shipments for the shop owner.
How can we easily ask customers for their body data and suggest the correct size to order?


We helped Smartfit design a widget which can be embedded into different e-commerce platforms and that has great UX for their customers.
This project is implemented using React.

Integrated product design and development

Starting with user flows to understand the different screens the app would need we quickly iterated together with the client and moved into design and code quickly to be able to touch and feel the working product as soon as possible.

Visual showing a flow chart, UI Mockup and code window with phone simulator

White labeled and internationalized

Online Sizing integrates seamlessly into different designs and is available in 15+ languages.

Each platform can easily configure colors and key designs aspects to make the widget their own.

Where's the find my size button?


Users struggle to find the Find my size button on specific client's websites.


We were able to advise clients on the correct visual hierarchical placement of CTAs. We were able to increase conversions as users were able to find the CTA easier.

Two up screenshots showing different bike e-commerce sites

UX testing insights on slider inputs


Users prefer to use a slider to input their height.


Users do not prefer to use a slider, they found it was not precise.

Instead they preferred to manually input their height and saw the slider as a secondary button that affirmed their input because it moved accordingly.

Screenshot of a video call with a UX testing session going on

User research regarding imperial units input


Users want to input 13 inches and the interface is unable to do that.


13'' does not make sense to imperial system users. Users round off to the next digit automatically.

Screenshots showing different states of an input field with imperial unit system

Final result

We’re happy to report that Smartfit Onlinesizing is a successful and ever evolving product out there, solving a real need e-commerce customers have.

Mockup of OZ widget with benefits on different screen sizes

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