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CleverCards Business Portal UX

With operations in over 200 countries and over 500 million users, CleverCards is creating solutions for business spending. Keeping true to their digital-only vision, they partnered with us to create an empowering interface for finance managers and employees alike.

Laptop mockup showing CleverCards business portal


CleverCards envisioned a product that made company spending transparent and controllable. An interface able to streamline processes that normally take hours of bookkeeping. A product that followed business conventions, still being user friendly and delightful to use in an unique way.


We conceptualized, designed and developed an easy-to-use all-in-one interface that allows users to easily manage all their business expenses from one place. Giving finance managers the freedom to immediately create, distribute and control company expenses cards. Guiding and exciting them along the way with intuitive features and exquisite visuals.

Who are the users?

We created these personas as archetypical users whose goals and characteristics represent the needs of a larger group of users.
Whilst creating these personas we wanted to build emphathy within the team by answering one of their most important questions, “Who are we designing for?”

Collage of designed persona profile cards

From Sketch to Prototyping

We created a UI Prototype and tested it with real users to better understand how our ideas would work in the real world.

Tested by real users

We carry out extensive user testing throughout all our process. This helped us validated our concepts and made sure we were creating a product with real impact and value for the market.

Shows 2 screenshots of video calls with test participants

UI Design

We translated CleverCards brand language into an exciting UI Kit, implemented through all the platform.

Final result

All while creating a delightful on-brand experience. An interface build to intuitively lead users through their tasks and excite them along the way.

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